The Chairs are the heads of a committee and each committee will have two Chairs.

The Chairs are responsible for keeping the debate flowing, whilst ensuring that all rules are being complied with by the delegates. Chairs do not represent any member of the UN.

In order to chair a committee successfully, a student should have previous MUN experience as a delegate and should be aware of the Rules of Procedure.

Having been elected as a Chair and been assigned a committee, the Chair now needs to acquire general knowledge of the topics to be debated in that committee. It is important to know which countries represented in the committee play a major role in each topic and who are allies and enemies. Therefore, Chairs will be expected to produce Research Reports for the topics, which will be published to the delegates. The first draft is due by 2nd December 2022 and the final draft by 16th December 2022. The Research Reports will be made available to delegates by 23rd December 2022. Further details about this will be sent to successful Chairs.

Once delegates have read the Chairs' Research Report, they are expected to prepare and submit a Position Paper by 9th January 2023. Chairs then need to check these before they are released to all delegates in the committee by 23rd January 2023

It is also imperative that all Chairs read this document on how to chair their committee.

During the conference, Chairs need to make the delegates of the committee, particularly first-time MUN delegates, feel welcome and confident of participating. The Chairs need to keep track of which delegates have spoken and which have not, and encourage those who have not to participate in some form. 

Once committees have ended, Chairs are expected to inform the Secretariat which delegates will be presented with awards. More information on this can be found in the Delegates' Preparation section.

Some Chairs will be given the opportunity to chair during the General Assembly if they wish. All Chairs will need to give a short speech and present their committee's awards during the Closing Ceremony.

Chairs are imperative to the smooth running of the committees and to ensuring the full participation and enjoyment of the delegates attending the conference.


The Chairs of the Committees for 2023 are:



Álvaro de Rabago (Munabe, España)

Nerea Cenarruzabeitia (Ayalde, España)


Human Rights:

Nuria Nanclares (Ayalde, España)

Elia paris (St. Dominique alumni, France)


World Health Organization:

Paula Vidal (Ayalde, España)

Meike Beernes (Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem, Netherlands)



Alvaro Martin (Munabe, España)

María Uriarte (Ayalde alumni, España)


Arab League:

Alejandra Garbati (Ayalde, España)

Haizea Antillera (Ayalde alumni, España)


Security Council:

Claudia Fernandez (Ayalde, España)

Claudia Lopez (Ayalde, España)


Arctic Council:

Celeste de Jong(Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem, Netherlands)


Youth Committee:

Carmen Calzada (Ayalde, España)

Blanca Sacristán (Ayalde alumni, España)

Marta Guinea (Ayalde, España)



Quinten Roseboom (Stedelijk Gymnasium Haarlem, Netherlands)

Ane Irene Anton (Ayalde, España)


Special Political and Decolonisation:

Lucia Vieira (Ayalde alumni, España)

Maria Gutierrez (Ayalde, España)