The Chairs are the heads of a committee and each committee will have two Chairs.

The Chairs are responsible for keeping the debate flowing, whilst ensuring that all rules are being complied with by the delegates. Chairs do not represent any member of the UN.

In order to chair a committee successfully, a student should have previous MUN experience as a delegate and should be aware of the Robert's Rules of Order.

Having been elected as a Chair and been assigned a committee, the Chair now needs to acquire general knowledge of the four topics to be debated in that committee. It is important to know which countries represented in the committee play a major role in each topic and who are allies and enemies. Therefore, Chairs will be expected to produce Research Reports for the topics, which will be published to the delegates. Further details will be sent to successful Chairs.

During the conference, Chairs need to make the delegates of the committee, particularly first-time MUN delegates, feel welcome and confident of participating. The Chairs need to keep track of which delegates have spoken and which have not, and encourage those who have not to participate in some form.

Chairs are imperative to the smooth running of the committees and to ensuring the full participation and enjoyment of the delegates attending the conference.

The Chairs of the Committees are:

Security Council: Leo Burmedi, Gymnasium Englisches Institut, Heidelberg, Germany and Daniel Teigland, Gymnasium Englisches Institut, Heidelberg, Germany

Human Rights: Emil Berschin, Heidelberger Privatschulcentrum, Germany and Alexander Yankovsky, International School of Monaco, France

Environment: Piraye Hatemi, Sev American College, Turkey and Thomas van Bavel, Scala College, The Netherlands

World Health: Didar Butterworth, Sev American College, Turkey and Marit Venn, Ås videregående skole, Norway

Economic & Finance (Ecofin): Sonia Jakubiak, Jakub JasiƄski High School, Poland and Daphne Van Pul, Scala College, The Netherlands

Sustainable Development: Julie Koren, Ås videregående skole, Norway and Alejandra Garcia, Colegio Ayalde, Spain

Social, Cultural & Humanitarian (Sochum): Eleonara Vassanelli, International School of Verona, Italy and Maria Witsø, Ås videregående skole, Norway