Ambassadors make their speeches at the Opening ceremony on Thursday evening.

The Ambassador is the head of a delegation and during the Opening ceremony, they have to give a short, introductory speech. Their speech should demonstrate their member’s beliefs on the issues up for discussion at the conference and should show respect for one’s own country as well as all other countries.

Prior to attending the conference, having researched the country they are representing and the topics to be discussed in the committees, the delegation, as a whole, should decide which of the topics are most important to them and what their beliefs are on those topics. The Ambassador can now prepare their speech. They should aim for their speech to last exactly one minute. Any longer, and they will be interrupted by the Chair of the General Assembly. It is important that the Ambassador practices their speech before attending the conference, and not just read it out.

Before the speeches start, the name of one member will be randomly drawn from a bag and the Ambassador representing that member will make the first speech with the other members following in alphabetical order from there on in. Ambassadors will be called up in groups of five to give their speeches. Ambassadors may bring notes or small electronic devices with them to the podium, but large items such as laptops will not be permitted.

In the event of an opening speech being considered inappropriate, the Ambassador will be suspended from the conference for the following day.