NGO - Conference Charity

MUN Bilbao, as well as debating real problems that affect the World, would also like to help tackle a problem through more positive action.

Therefore, every year MUN Bilbao will choose a NGO that is linked to one of the topics discussed and debated during the conference and will donate a sum of money to that NGO. For every person who registers to attend the conference, two euros of their registration fee will be donated, along with any remaining sum of money received from sponsors after all conference costs have been covered.

The theme of the 2017 conference is Sustainable Development and one goal that is covered at the conference is goal 4 in the Social, Cultural and Humanitarian committee.  A NGO that is helping to meet this goal is Room to Read.

This NGO aims to improve child literacy and gender equality in global education systems. Room to Read operates in Europe, Asia and Africa to assist elementary school children with developing literacy skills. In addition, Room to Read provides students with donated books and sets up libraries in communities where there was previously a lack of access to sources of literature. Room to Raed has established more than 17,000 libraries and 1930 schools as part of their goal to lift millions out of poverty.

With your help through your registration fee or sponsorship as a Goodwill Ambassador of the conference, Room to Read can continue with their worthwhile work.

Please feel free to visit their website to find out more:

We are pleased to announce that MUN Bilbao 2017 has raised 530 euros for Room to Read. Thank you!