MUN, COAS, Ayalde & Munabe

MUN was introduced into COAS in its school Ayalde during the school year 2012-2013 by MUN Director Nicola Dignum.

COAS is an educational group consisting of nine schools in Vizcaya, La Rioja and Gipuzkoa in the north of Spain, with Ayalde being its largest school.

It started with a group of five students preparing to attend the annual conference at Royal Russell School in Croydon in October 2014. Since then, Ayalde has attended the Royal Russell conference again in October 2015 with ten students, in October 2016 with eleven students and will be attending in 2017 with 22 students. Ayalde has also attended the PORGMUN conference in Prague in April 2016 with 16 students, held two one-day conferences in collaboration with the American School of Bilbao in January 2016 and May 2016, attended HagaMun 2017 in The Hague with 24 students in March 2017 and NORMAC in Norwich in April 2017 with six students.

At the start, preparation for conferences has mainly taken place in the students’ break times and after school. However, from September 2016 MUN has been given class time. One of the optional subjects offered in 4th ESO will include MUN preparation for conferences as part of its syllabus, one hour of English class in 1st Bach will be assigned to preparing students for MUN and students in 2nd Bach will be offered MUN as an extracurricular activity.

From September 2016, three more schools in the COAS group have also been offering MUN as an activity and in January 2017, COAS hosted its first annual international three-day conference. As you can see, MUN is an increasingly popular activity within the COAS group and we hope to continue to go from strength to strength with your help.

Please visit our blog to see more about our attendance at other conferences.

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