Planning for Impact

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The MUN Impact website contains a lot of information and tools for those interested in learning / teaching more about the SDGs, including the following:

MUN Impact Stories is the reportage of what MUN Impact and its Partner Clubs have been up to.

Planning for Impact is a series of planning tools to help students explore the SDGs and develop projects or initiatives to support them.

SDG Inventory is a process / tool for students to evaluate programs, clubs or initiatives in their school, and to see the degree to which they align with the SDGs. 

United Nations campaigns and resources are U.N. resources developed for the MUN community and resources the U.N. would like MUN delegates to be aware of. One of the major goals of MUN Impact is to be a platform for U.N. engagement with the MUN community.    

Put Your MUN on the Map! is a first of its kind global MUN survey, an initiative to put numbers to the MUN experience and to highlight the role SDG Target 4.7 has in both showcasing and quantifying the talents and skills of MUN participants.