Our Goodwill Ambassadors are the sponsors of the conference and have an essential role in it. Thanks to their provided material, financial aid and publicity, the conference can take place and can also donate money to our designated NGO.

MUN Bilbao is thankful to receive office materials and financial aid to cover costs, transport, catering, technical services…

The contact details of our Goodwill Ambassadors are published on our webpage and they will be mentioned during the conference due to their major importance in it. Furthermore, they will be posted on our social media. Moreover, it is a great chance for them to be recognized internationally and to be a crucial piece in the development of the world for the better.


Goodwill Ambassadors fall into the following different categories depending on the monetary value of their support.

Bronze Goodwill Ambassadors: support up to the monetary value of 1000 euros

Silver Goodwill Ambassadors: support of a monetary value between 1000 euros to 3000 euros

Gold Goodwill Ambassadors: support of a monetary value between 3000 euros to 5000 euros

Platinum Goodwill Ambassadors: support of a monetary value over 5000 euros

Promoter & Organiser