Disarmament and International Security

This committee is concerned with the use of arms and maintaining security throughout the World.

The topics to be discussed in the Disarmament and International Security committee 2018 are:

A: The question of the Use of Drones

B: The question of Biological Weapons

C: The question of Measures to Reduce International Weapons Trafficking to Radical Terrorist Organisations

D: The question of the Prevention of First Placement of Weapons in Outer Space


Research Reports

Topic A: Use of Drones

Topic B: Biological Weapons

Topic C: Reducing International Weapons Trafficking

Topic D: Weapons in Outer Space



The Chairs of this committee are:

Paula Hernandez, Colegio Ayalde, Spain

Giulia Dargenio, Cívico Liceo Lingüístico A. Manzoni, Italy