PORGMUN March 2018

Form 13th to 19th March, a group of fifteen students from 4 ESO and 1 BACH travelled to Prague, accompanied by Nicola Dignum and Belen Orbea, to attend a MUN conference. Two of the students were going as Chairs of committees whilst the others were delegates representing various countries in four different committees. All the delegates participated in the debates, with five of their resolutions being debated, and Blanca Sacristan won one of the ‘Best Delegate’ awards in ECOSOC.

Maria Pardo: We spent Wednesday morning at Da Vinci school, where we had the opportunity to learn about other educating methods. We all agreed that their school and ours have many significant differences, freedom being the main one. What we mean is that they are not under so many restrictions when choosing subjects or similar. However, not only did the students show us their classrooms, but they also talked to us about their habits and pleasures. In brief, we all learnt a wide range of interesting facts about Czech traditions and lifestyle.

Gabriela Ybarra: On Wednesday 14th March we visited a Czech school, but it wasn’t definitely a normal school. A group of students who study there showed us the school. There were a lot less people studying there and the way they were taught was completely different; they had a chill out room where they could rest, they had a music room, a vegetable garden and in kindergarten they had a playing area inside the rooms, including slides. We had a snack and later on lunch with them. We ate typical food from Czech Republic which was really special, that is why it was a big success in some of us and no so big in some others. To sum up, we had a great time with Czech students and we learnt about their school, which surprised us greatly.

Nerea Mendibe: On Thursday morning we went to a school called “Skola Da Vinci”. There, we were divided in three groups and I was part of the group formed by two boys who wanted to practice Spanish. They show us all the school and their methods of studying which are really different from ours. In my opinion, it was an amazing school because it seemed that they had less stress and, therefore, they work more efficiently.


Marina Deprit: After being in the czech school we went on a bus to the center of the city. We went walking along the Charles bridge and the old city. Obviously we made lots of photographs as the city is so beautiful. We tried a typical czech desert called Trdelnik served with any kind of topping, such as ice cream or chocolate, it tastes like a waffle with canela. It is delicious! Then we saw an amazing cathedral, where we bought some postcards. Before going back to the hotel we went to the John Lennon wall.


Blanca Sacristán: The opening ceremony was in the Prague City Hall. When we arrived there, we first did the registration, where we were given PORGMUN folders. Later on, the opening ceremony started. During the opening ceremony, some guest speakers such as Massimiliano Pastore and Alyn Ware, the Secretary General and the Deputy gave some speeches to us. Finally, the opening ceremony ended with a fruitful debate on the conference theme.


Isabel Eulate: Today was the Opening Ceremony in the town hall, and when it finished we got together in our committees and went in a tour around Prague. My committee is Human Rights, and we were specially lucky because a boy who knew all the history of Prague came with us and explained everything, dates when buildings were built, the history of the czech republic in the second world war… He explained that even though Prague is like the second most atheist city of Europe there are a lot of churches and monasteries, which interested me, but they now have been turned into libraries or concert halls. I really like the fact that the houses are of different colours such as pink, blue, green… Finally, when the tour ended we went to have the gala dinner, which we enjoyed a lot.


Claudia Martin: In the first day in ECOSOC, we started with a mini debate about pizza and pineapple because there was so many people who were in their first conference. Then we started the lobby on the second topic which was the Question of Instituting Humane Working Conditions for Migrant Workers. Canada’s (Blanca) resolution passed after a hard debate.

On the second day we made more lobby time because we tried to make three resolutions. We were debating Denmark’s resolution (Lucia) and also France’s resolution (Nerea) which finally passed but after an amendment of USA which said to strike all the resolution!


On the last day morning we read all the gossips and the Irish people sang the Irish song because it was Saint Patrick’s day. We also played some games all together and we had a very good time.

Liliana Ortega: During the PORGMUN conference I have been a chair of the Human Rights council. The topics debated were Preserving the Rights of LGBTQIA+ Individuals and Eliminating the Practice of Female Genital Mutilation. On Wednesday afternoon, we had a meeting to get to know our co-chairs and the rest of chairs, as well as an explanation of the rules of procedure. The first day of the conference, on Thursday, we had the opening ceremony and a tour in Prague with icebreakers which were very funny. Friday was lobbying and debate and I was very excited as the issues to be discussed were controversial and I was looking forward to seeing how delegates were capable of dealing with it.

Unfortunately, none of the resolutions debated passed. On Saturday, there was lobbying and debate of the second topic (FGM), the debate was much more fruitful as the delegates were more confident. Consequently, one resolution passed which was constructive and realistic. This conference has provided me a huge experience and I will never forget it.


Marta Olaizola: I was in the Human Rights Council, we were discussing two topics. I enjoyed a lot, there were people from very different places such as Ireland, Germany and Poland. We made a lot of friends, and even though everybody there had a very good english, we managed to defend ourselves. We were the largest committee with 33 people in it. It was quite scary going to the front of the room and speaking in front of everyone. However, I tried, and once you try it you get more confident, so that wasn’t the only time I spoke in front of the whole committee. Although we tried to be very professional, we are also attending the conference to have fun, so as you can imagine, we laughed a lot. The best part of it is meeting very different people, you can always learn something about other cultures.


Manuela Amann: Some of us were in the Disarmament and International Security Council Committee. We discussed topics such as the diversion of arms in the Middle East and the usage of autonomous weapon systems in military conflicts. Not only did we learn a lot, but we also had memorable times meeting people in our committee. They were all incredibly sociable and we made friends from the very first second. It was definitely an unforgettable experience!!

Ane Goikoetxea: It was the first time I’ve been in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and it has been an honor to represent the French Republic in this Fund. The first day we discussed the topic of a strive for structural reform. It is true that we only submitted one resolution concerning this topic but it passed without major clashes as it was really efficient. The next day, we discussed two resolutions about another topic: the topic the Privatization of Public Assets. Both resolutions passed quite smoothly but one of them had few extensions failed. The last day, we saw a film “The big short” and we played some games and also we made the funny awards. It has been once again an unforgettable experience!

Paula Hernandez: I have had a great chair experience as the debate that I have ran with my co-chair (Sebastian Stross) in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been really fruitful. The Fund has debated two fundamental questions regarding the system of international economies and it has been a pleasure leading such good debates. This experience has helped me to get more confident when speaking in front of many people and moreover, I have also practiced my chairing skills.


Maríana Herrero: On Saturday, it snowed!  On Saturday evening we went to a party organized by PORGMUN in a local called Grid. There were two DJs playing electronic music and everyone was dancing. We stayed from half past eight p.m to eleven p.m, because the next morning we had to get up early. We met a lot of people of the conference from many countries, so it was a great chance to get in touch with them. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the party a lot!


Lucia Zabala: Sunday morning was relaxing. As we finished debating all the resolutions, the chairs decided to play games.

The closing ceremony took place in Prague’s city hall. There a keynote speaker talked about economy. After that, the chairs of each committee did a speech talking about their experience during the conference and then they gave the best delegates’ awards in each committee where Blanca Sacristan won one in her committee, which was EcoSoc. It was a very sad day because we had to said goodbye to all our friends.


Elena Pina: Our last afternoon in the city of Prague started with a beautiful mass in the “Monasterio del Niño Jesús de Praga” where our mass was in French at 17:00. After the mass we went back to the hotel and all girls started packing their suitcases for the next day. At night dinner we went to a czech restaurant where all girls had an amazing dinner and where we celebrated the birthday of one of our friends, Maria Pardo, with a big and delicious cake of chocolate. We had enjoyed this beautiful trip a lot, and we enjoy to come back again!