Spain Youth Model United Nations (SYMUN) has been my first MUN conference and I can ensure that it has been amazing. The conference was set in the University Carlos lll in Madrid and I went with fourteen of my classmates and two teachers.

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At the beginning, the Chairs of each committee taught their delegates the rules of procedure and then the sessions started. We spent three days debating and dealing with big problems, with the aim of making a resolution which will lead our World to a better one. In addition, we counted with the experience of the bachillerato girls, who gave us tips to make a better speech and to come up with good and interesting clauses for the resolution. However, in the afternoons we all went to visit the city and have dinner as a way of enjoying more the experience.

It has also been a good opportunity to meet people around the World and tackle big international issues. We have realized that our point of view as teenagers will contribute to the improvement of our nation, and as soon as we get more experience we will be available to find new ideas to keep international peace and security.

By Cristina Navarro Alaez


Form 13th to 19th March, a group of fifteen students from 4 ESO and 1 BACH travelled to Prague, accompanied by Nicola Dignum and Belen Orbea, to attend a MUN conference. Two of the students were going as Chairs of committees whilst the others were delegates representing various countries in four different committees. All the delegates participated in the debates, with five of their resolutions being debated, and Blanca Sacristan won one of the ‘Best Delegate’ awards in ECOSOC.

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On Wednesday 21st February, six students from 4 ESO travelled to England with Nicola Dignum, the MUN Director, for five days to visit Cambridge and attend a Model Arctic Council conference in Norwich. The Arctic Council consists of eight countries and six indigenous peoples and it differs slightly from MUN as they have to try and reach consensus on all matters. Our students were in delegations of three representing Canada and the Saami Council. The conference is quite small, about seventy students, so a good opportunity for the students to mix together and make friends.

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Colegio Ayalde started its 2017-18 MUN academic year by attending, as always, the international MUN conference at Royal Russell School in Croydon, UK. We went with our biggest group yet, 22 students, who were a mixture of delegates, Chairs, Press Team and ICJ. This year, as the conference dates coincided with the Spanish national holiday, we also had two days in London sightseeing before the conference started. 

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