A Short Recap of MUN Bilbao 2017

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We can’t believe MUN Bilbao 2017 is already over!

We’ve been working so hard to make this project come true and all we can say is we’re really proud of the outcome. Everyone had lots of fun and many delegates have told us they really enjoyed the conference. As this is our first MUN conference, there are some things that need to be improved, and we’re already working on how to make the next conference even better than this last one.

Another one of our goals was to make this conference different, a cultural experience as well as an educational one. That is why our opening ceremony was celebrated on Thursday in the Casa de Juntas of Gernika, one of the most important buildings in the Basque heritage. There were speeches from our Director Nicola Dignum, our Sec Gen Christina Connell, Ana Otaduy, the President of the Casa de Juntas and Tamara Zabala, the Deputy Director of the UN in Spain, among others. Afterwards, the Ambassadors for each country gave their opening speech.

When the Opening Ceremony was finished, we all headed to Ayalde for a cocktail dinner. The next day was all about informal lobbying and debating in committees, and after a whole day of hard work, the delegates were taken to Bilbao. About half of them visited the emblematic Bilbao Town Hall and the rest went on guided tours to get to know the city.
On Saturday, debate in committees continued until 2 pm, when the General Assembly started. The advisors visited Azurmendi, a Michelin Star and a sustainable development restaurant. At night, everyone attended a black tie dinner in Hotel Seminario, and danced till they dropped!

On Sunday debate in GA went on until the start of the Closing ceremony at 1 pm. Our Sec Gen gave an inspiring speech, announced the best delegate awards’ winners, and finally declared the first MUN Bilbao conference officially closed.

All we can say is we really enjoyed preparing this conference, and taking part in the extraordinary project these conferences are. We also were able to raise 530€ for the NGO Room To Read, contributing to the alphabetisation of boys and girls in Africa and Asia. As Christina Connell said in her closing speech, MUNers truly are changing the world. See you next year!

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