MUNABE AND MUN: The Admin Team and the Press/Media Team

Next Thursday, 26th January, COAS is hosting the first MUN BILBAO conference in Ayalde. Munabe is taking part actively in this conference. Apart from the 15 delegates sitting in the different committees, seven of our students have been collaborating in the organization of the event together with seventeen Ayalde students.

Pablo Amorós (1 BACH), Ion Apraiz (4 ESO) and Pablo Amorrortu (4 ESO) will be working in the Press and Media Team in charge of taking photographs, interviewing and filming videos during the conference. On the other hand, Iñigo Echeandía (2 BACH), Eduardo Llop (2 BACH), Martín Ruiz (4 ESO) and Ignacio de Grassa (3 ESO) will be collaborating to make sure everything works perfectly during the four days of the conference as members of the Administration Team.

These seven students volunteered to help in the organization of the event searching for a new experience, different from the ones they face daily at school. Moreover, they are looking forward to living an enriching experience which could give them some insight on their professional future.


Martín Ruiz, part of the Admin Team, has answered some questions for us:

How did you hear about MUN?
I first heard of MUN because of my teachers.

Why did you want to be involved?
Because I liked the idea of meeting new people from around the world and because I like to speak in English.

What is your role and responsibilities in MUN Bilbao 2017?
I'm in the administration team, and my responsibilities are that everything and everyone work like a clock.

What are you expecting from the conference?
I expect everything goes like planned and everyone has a good time.