How did Munabe start working with MUN?

How did Munabe start working with MUN?
We attended last years mini conference in Ayalde and we’ve been working to develop it and we’re working on it. It’s a COAS group project and we’ve been working with Ayalde. My teachers (José and Pedro) went to a session in London where they got to know how MUN works to train us.

What motivated you to become a delegate?
I went to the mini conference in Ayalde as an observer and really liked it, it was very interesting and I’m really into the international parties and I really like the idea of working in a team, making a resolution, debating it…

How have you prepared for MUN Bilbao?
With special sessions after class for one hour on Mondays and Thursdays. We’ve been working like that since September. Last Friday we had a session with a business communication lecturer from Deusto. We work by delegations and all together too we also work by committees.

What have you learned from MUN so far?
I’ve researched a lot, so I’ve learned a lot about true int. issues. I’ve also looked how to work in groups and how to debate and express my opinion through simulated debates.

What do you expect from the conference?
I have high expectations. It will be really interesting. I’m looking forward to the conference itself, different countries and also social events like Town Hall reception.

Are you nervous?
A bit, because there will be many different people but I hope I can do it as best as I can.

What are your future plans? Career?
For the future, I’m looking forward to Prague, because the experience of traveling to Prague is going to be amazing. I also hope this program helps me develop useful skills for uni and helps me with my professional career. I’ll study in Deusto, something related to business.