Tips to make the most out of the conference and enjoy it to the fullest

My fellow MUNners,

This is Sec Gen with hopefully helpful tips for MUN.

For those of you who this is your first conference, you may find this helpful or somehow calming. You may even find self-assurance in this.
And for those of you who have been through this before, I am sure you will relate to some.


So here we go with the tips to make the most out of the conference and enjoy it to the fullest:

1-. Do your research. It may seem obvious but the more research you do, the more you know about the topic and the more confident you will feel to participate, which takes me to tip 2.

2-. Be confident and take part in the debate. Some delegates are really experienced and may seem intimidating during debate, but you know your topic so feel confident and stand out.

3-. Participate as much as you can. Practice makes perfection and the more you take part in the conference the more confidence you will gain, the more you will make out of the conference and the more confident you will feel to participate again. We are here to learn. Try making some points of information to the speaker. You could go for the Does the delegate not agree type.

4-. Take advantage of the social events to get to know delegates from your committee and others. This will make committee sessions less intimidating for the newbies and way more fun!

5-. Do not hesitate to ask your chairs if you don’t understand something. Send them a note, they are always happy and willing to help.

6-. Write notes to other delegates to help you with debate. Jokes or flirting is also allowed :)

7-. During GA a copy of the resolutions to be debated will be handed out, try reading them and preparing points of information and even speeches to be ready for the action.

8-. Last but not least, enjoy every single bit of the conference, participate as much as you can, meet new people and learn new things!

See you all in January!