Mother Earth Day

We had been reading tweets for the last month encouraging people to show their support for the signing of the Paris Agreement which took place today and which coincided with the Mother Earth Day.

Twitter had been overflown with posts about it and we thought what could possibly be better than showing our support and concern about climate change than supporting the cause?
It seemed so easy and so efficient at the same time we just couldn’t not do it.

Of course we don’t think that us posting will make a huge difference in the world straight away, but little by little one goes far, and if an increasing and united number of people take action we want to be in the group.

So we put our minds to it and came up with this little idea of how we could show our support for the Paris Agreement and climate change. At the end, SDG number 13 on climate action is to be debated on our conference in January.

We decided to form a message with our students in the school yard and take a picture of it. So that’s what we did today.

At the beginning, the idea was meant to be more visual than meaningful, but it ended it up being the second. The fact that our students make the letters in which MUN is written can be understood as a way of unity, a way of common solidarity and interests. We form the change, we lead the change, we hope for the change and we are the change.
Also, the first row of girls are holding a hashtag saying #Sign4Climate, but it doesn’t matter what the paper says, what matters here is that they are holding, they are holding hope and they are saying clearly they expect something to happen.

So that’s what we wanted to transmit today. Tackling climate change is in our hands as much as it is in our hearts. One person alone can hardly do anything to combat climate change in it all, but unity is a great power, it is the main weapon we have to win this battle. Will you fight for it?